• Restrictions on Religion

    The share of countries with a high level of social hostilities involving religion reached a six-year peak in 2012.
  • The World's Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society

    In nearly every country surveyed, at least half of Muslims say that belief in God is necessary to be moral and have good values.
  • The Global Religious Landscape

    Explore the religious breakdown of the world population.
  • Faith on the Move

    Explore the religious affiliation of the world’s 214 million migrants.
Restrictions on Religion Survey of Muslims Religious Landscape Faith on the Move

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About Global Religious Futures - Beta website

The Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures project analyzes religious change and its impact on societies around the world. This interactive website is still in development; over time, it will grow to include additional data from the Pew Research Center’s demographic studies and public opinion surveys in many more countries.
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China Chin-flag
Pop. (2010) 1.3 billion
Annual Growth Rate 0.6%
United States Unis-flag
Pop. (2010) 310 million
Annual Growth Rate 0.9%
Afghanistan Afgh-flag
Pop. (2010) 31.4 million
Annual Growth Rate 3.2%
Nigeria Nige-flag
Pop. (2010) 158 million
Annual Growth Rate 2.5%