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AZERBAIJAN: 34 fines for "illegal" religious meeting 10/06/2016
In ex-Soviet Georgia, pope issues veiled criticism of Russia 09/30/2016
Pope to visit Armenia after irking Turkey with ‘genocide’ label 06/22/2016
AZERBAIJAN: Shia Muslim prisoner – one of many – reported close to death 04/27/2016
Azerbaijan: Prisoner of conscience tortured – with impunity? 01/27/2016
AZERBAIJAN: Seven months' secret police detention so far, three more added 09/09/2015
AZERBAIJAN: 11 weeks with no Sunday liturgy 09/08/2015
Azerbaijan: Imam prisoner of conscience jailed for one year 07/13/2015
Prisoners of consciences' detention extended, criminal cases imminent 05/14/2015
Syrians in Armenia: Not just another refugee story 04/20/2015
AZERBAIJAN: Five years' imprisonment for "normal Muslims" who "simply conduct prayers"? 02/12/2015
Armenian Church could canonise 1.5 million victims of Armenian Genocide 02/05/2015
The rise of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses in the Caucasus 07/05/2014
AZERBAIJAN: Muslim Nursi texts, Old Testament, and Jehovah's Witness texts "banned" 05/06/2014
3000 Syrian Christians flee Armenian village as Islamist rebels take control 03/27/2014
Remaining Armenians pray for peace at Christmas in Damascus 01/06/2014
Armenian Church, Survivor of the Ages, Faces Modern Hurdles 10/03/2013
Katskhi Pillar Monk, Maxime Qavtaradze, Renews Age-Old Tradition In Georgia 09/19/2013
The Last Days of Tolstoy’s People 08/23/2013
Anti-Gay Riot In Tblisi Tests Balance Between Church, State 07/30/2013
Muslims in North Caucasus concerned about ‘extremism' 04/23/2013
AZERBAIJAN: Heavy fines follow police raids and confiscations 04/04/2013
Armenia struggles to absorb Christian refugees from Syria 02/20/2013
AZERBAIJAN: No legal place of worship for 40,000-strong town 01/17/2013
ARMENIA: Two new imprisonments as Strasbourg again fines government 12/03/2012
Azerbaijan: Government blames "errors" for negative Venice Commission/OSCE Opinion 10/23/2012
Azerbaijan: One conscientious objector jailed, others called up 10/16/2012
AZERBAIJAN: Ramadan mosque bans, JW jailed, Church ban upheld 08/10/2012
Proposed Blasphemy Law and Kurdistan’s Religious Diversity 06/28/2012
Tensions rise between Iran and Azerbaijan 06/07/2012
AZERBAIJAN: Court liquidates Church 04/26/2012
Religious freedom survey, April 2012 04/17/2012
"Illegal liquidation" 03/13/2012
Latest repressive laws signed by President 12/15/2011
AZERBAIJAN: Up to five years' imprisonment for uncensored religious literature? 11/01/2011
Religion and Law: Armenian debate focuses on defining proselytism 09/15/2011
No religious sects in Armenia - official 08/03/2011
Armenian church upset with Georgian Government's actions on religion law 07/14/2011
Armenian Church Hails Georgia's Religious Minorities Law 07/08/2011
Georgian church slams government over religion law 07/06/2011