Latest Religion News

Title Date
Nepali church leaders found guilty of ‘witchcraft’ and ‘violence’ for helping mentally ill woman 12/22/2016
Nepal's new constitution outlaws evangelism 12/12/2016
Churches bombed as Nepal stays secular 09/15/2015
Nepal temple bans mass animal sacrifice at festival 07/29/2015
Nepal bans religious conversion in new draft constitution 07/20/2015
Buddhist Monastery In Nepal Takes In Thousands Displaced By Earthquake 05/30/2015
Muted Celebrations Of Buddha's Birthday In Nepal Show Lasting Grief After Earthquake 05/04/2015
Nepal Christians Return to Worship after Earthquake Turns Churches into Tombs 05/04/2015
Amid Nepal’s shattered shrines and temples, a religious fatalism sets in 04/30/2015
The ‘Splainer: What religious sites were lost or damaged in Nepal quake 04/28/2015
Bhutanese Pastor Tandin Wangyal freed from jail 01/21/2015
Nepal devotees sacrifice thousands of animals in Hindu ritual 11/28/2014
Nepali pastor leaves prison after 2 years for killing a cow 08/29/2014
In Reversal, Nepal to Allow Cremation of Tibetan Monk 07/29/2014
Nepal Retracts Permission for Tibet Monk’s Cremation 07/13/2014
Evidence Of Buddha's Birth Date Uncovered By Archaeologists At Temple In Nepal 11/26/2013
Religious leaders denounce child marriage in joint video 09/19/2013
Nepal battles misconceptions over Buddha’s birthplace 09/11/2013
Bhutan Makes Condoms Available To Buddhist Monks To Stop Spread Of STDs 03/29/2013
Self-Immolation Milestone: Tibetan Becomes 101st Protester To Set Himself Ablaze Since 2009 02/14/2013
Nepal Jails Mob For Burning Suspected 'Witch' Alive 01/08/2013
Nepal: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Baha’is launch appeal against anti conversion proposal 08/17/2011
Minorities seek secularism 08/15/2011
New criminal code to stop conversions to Christianity 06/06/2011
Nepal Plans New Criminal Code Forbidding Evangelism 06/02/2011
Nepali guru performs 32-hour miracle - on Mt Everest 05/23/2011
Nepal Christians Begin Legal Battle for Burial Ground 04/19/2011
Nepal, risk of attacks leads to tight security in Catholic churches 04/05/2011
Prospects Dim for Religious Freedom in Nepal 03/29/2011
Nepal Christians protest to demand burial grounds 03/23/2011
Buddhists and Christians pray together for religious freedom in places where Buddha lived 02/28/2011
Hundreds of Hindu sages occupy Christian tombs in Pashupatinath 02/26/2011
Christian politicians ask Nepalese Prime Minister Khanal for land to bury the dead 02/16/2011
Christian Gorkhas protest Indian government discrimination 02/11/2011
Nepali Hindus and Christians: false allegations of forced conversions to Christianity 02/08/2011
Despite government yes, non-Hindus still denied the right to bury their dead near Kathmandu 02/01/2011
Official Recognition Eludes Christian Groups in Bhutan 02/01/2011
Nepali lawmakers released after arrests in cemetery row 01/31/2011
Kathmandu gives go ahead to Christian and Muslim cemeteries. Hindus protest 01/28/2011
Nepal Christians Fight for Burial Rights 01/25/2011