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Magic school in Brazil offers classes in potions, witchcraft to wannabe wizards 08/31/2017
Partial decriminalization of abortion in Brazil provokes ire of religious right 12/01/2016
Could Evangelical Christians Soon Be Running Brazil? 09/30/2016
Olympic, Paralympic Village get inter-religious center 08/05/2016
'Faithful tithers, give your heart to Jesus': Brazil's evangelical empire prospers amid financial gloom 08/05/2016
God and the games 08/04/2016
Fleeing recession and violence, Brazilian Jews moving to Israel in record numbers 06/07/2016
Brazil’s March for Jesus gathers more than 350,000 people 05/30/2016
What Brazil's impeachment process says about its Christian faiths 04/23/2016
Brazil: Sect enslaved followers and accumulated fortune 08/21/2015
Brazil dismantles religious sect charged with slavery 08/17/2015
Evangelicals take their fight with Satan to the streets of Sao Paulo 07/07/2015
Brazil leads the world in religious freedom, finds Pew study 04/20/2015
Rogue Catholic bishops plan to grow schismatic challenge to Rome 03/30/2015
Holocaust-denying bishop plans consecration without pope's consent 03/18/2015
'Longtime friend' helped U.S. cult leader elude authorities in Brazil, police say 03/04/2015
In Brazil, Support Swells for ‘Surfer Angel’ 02/23/2015
Why the Catholic Church is losing Latin America, and how it’s trying to get it back 02/15/2015
Pentecostal prayer gangs: New film documents religion in a Brazilian prison 02/07/2015
The Competitive Spirits of Latin America 11/26/2014
As Brazilians drift away from Catholicism, Virgin Mary procession as popular as ever 10/17/2014
Fight for growing Pentecostal vote in Brazil 10/01/2014
Brazilian Evangelical Has A Grandiose, Jewish Path For Salvation Read the full article: Brazilian Evangelical Has A Grandiose, Jewish Path For Salvation 09/25/2014
Brazilian Evangelical Has A Grandiose, Jewish Path For Salvation 09/25/2014
Brazil candidates carefully tread religious divide 09/25/2014
Followers of Afro-Brazilian religions feel under attack 09/13/2014
Religion and gay rights take center stage in Brazil elections 09/04/2014
As Evangelical Clout Grows, Brazil May Face New Culture Wars 08/01/2014
God Has A New Home: A $300 Million Mega Temple In Sao Paulo 07/30/2014
Temple in Brazil Appeals to a Surge in Evangelicals 07/24/2014
Brazilian Child Healers Earn Big Bucks in Booming Business of Evangelical Christianity 07/01/2014
Brazilian Pastor Pours 110 lbs. of Salt on Church Floor; Sparks Witchcraft Speculation 06/27/2014
Football - Muslim World Cup players face Ramadan decision 06/25/2014
World Cup 2014: Players Could Be Affected By Ramadan 06/11/2014
Brazil: Religious intolerance on the rise 06/04/2014
Hundreds of thousands of evangelicals march in Rio 06/01/2014
Ahead of the World Cup, Brazil’s churches work to protect children from sex abuse 05/30/2014
Brazil: Where God is on the pitch 05/20/2014
Incarcerated Pentecostalism 05/08/2014
Brazil's Kayapo Indigenous Tribe Juggles Tradition With Modernity 01/13/2014