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Pope angers Chile after backing bishop accused of covering up sexual abuse 01/19/2018
Pope to indigenous: Amazon is ‘heart of the church’ 01/19/2018
Pope to meet with victims of Chile’s dictatorship on trip 01/11/2018
Pope Francis to Declassify Files on Uruguay Dictatorship 01/08/2018
Magic school in Brazil offers classes in potions, witchcraft to wannabe wizards 08/31/2017
Papal trip to Colombia will be balancing justice and mercy 08/28/2017
Chilean victims of ex-Nazi’s cult of horrors may finally get some answers 07/14/2017
'We'll fight for our right to be Jews,' says Venezuelan group leader 01/11/2017
Venezuelan Jews are moving to Israel to escape deepening poverty 01/01/2017
Argentine court revives case on Jewish center bombing cover-up 12/29/2016
Spirit in the sky 12/07/2016
Partial decriminalization of abortion in Brazil provokes ire of religious right 12/01/2016
Could Evangelical Christians Soon Be Running Brazil? 09/30/2016
'Faithful tithers, give your heart to Jesus': Brazil's evangelical empire prospers amid financial gloom 08/05/2016
Olympic, Paralympic Village get inter-religious center 08/05/2016
God and the games 08/04/2016
Bolivians honor Mother Earth with dawn celebration 08/04/2016
Gauck regrets German inaction over abuse at German colony in Chile 07/13/2016
Why are churches burning in Chile? 06/16/2016
Fleeing recession and violence, Brazilian Jews moving to Israel in record numbers 06/07/2016
A Marian apparition has been approved in Argentina - and it's a big deal 06/04/2016
Brazil’s March for Jesus gathers more than 350,000 people 05/30/2016
Climate Change Is Melting Qoyllur Riti, a Sacred Ice Tradition in Andes Mountains 05/26/2016
Abuse scandals multiply in pope’s backyard of Latin America 05/09/2016
René and Juan Carlos set out to convert their Colombian megachurch to Orthodox Judaism. This is what happened. 04/28/2016
Germany opens files on Nazi paedophile sect in Chile 04/27/2016
Bolivia’s Catholic bishops defy Morales over drug trade 04/24/2016
What Brazil's impeachment process says about its Christian faiths 04/23/2016
Faith-based groups rush to help quake-stricken Ecuador 04/19/2016
Abuse scandal rocks Peru’s upper-class Catholic sodality 04/17/2016
Victims Of German Paedophile Sect In Chile Seek Justice 01/27/2016
Protesters occupy cathedral of Chilean bishop charged with covering up abuse 01/10/2016
Chile Catholic Church rocked by e-mail scandal 09/14/2015
Brazil: Sect enslaved followers and accumulated fortune 08/21/2015
Brazil dismantles religious sect charged with slavery 08/17/2015
Peruvian cardinal accused of papal plagiarism 08/17/2015
Colombian Saint Madre Laura Is Getting Her Own Telenovela And The Nuns Are Scandalized 07/29/2015
‘Pope of the Poor’ Francis apologizes for overlooking middle class woes 07/13/2015
Pope Francis' history-making South American excursion 07/13/2015
Pope Praises Jesuit Missions In Paraguay After Apology For Church Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples 07/12/2015