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Iceland’s Only Baptist Pastor Doesn’t Want Down Syndrome Eliminated 08/30/2017
Islamist extremists in Sweden rise nearly tenfold to 2,000: Intelligence 07/03/2017
Religious and indigenous leaders seek to save rainforests 06/19/2017
Norway plans to ban Muslim face veils in schools 06/13/2017
A State of suspicion: Counter-radicalization in Norway 05/19/2017
Finnish school system facing lack of qualified teachers of Islam 05/18/2017
Sweden gives Bible tests to Christian asylum seekers 05/15/2017
Norwegian ruling party votes to ban circumcision for men under 16 years old 05/08/2017
Danish Man Who Burned Quran Is Prosecuted for Blasphemy 02/23/2017
Norway and its national church part ways 01/05/2017
Advice from Godless Europe: Swedish Catholics & the American Church 12/14/2016
De-radicalisation project sets up in Finland 08/26/2016
'Noah's ark' takes on Norwegian coastguard and comes off worse 06/10/2016
Muslims turn to Christianity in Finland 06/01/2016
Bodnariu children removed 'illegally' from Christian family, 100 lawyers tell Norway PM 05/17/2016
Norwegian Christian Family Says Report of Parents Reunited With Children Is False 04/22/2016
15,000 Protest Norwegian Govt's Removal of Children From Christian Parents Over 'Spankings' 02/01/2016
Pope will visit Sweden for Reformation anniversary 01/25/2016
Why are atheists flocking to join Iceland's fastest-growing religion? 12/07/2015
Church of Norway Votes in Favor of Gay Marriage 11/02/2015
Welcome to Sweden's Aleppo 04/29/2015
Danes Form Human Chain Outside Targeted Copenhagen Synagogue In Show Of Unity 03/15/2015
Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, in hiding, fears militants are winning 03/11/2015
Rising anti-Semitism challenges Sweden’s proud and tolerant self-image 03/04/2015
Catholic Church in Oslo accused of fraudulently taking state aid 02/26/2015
Greenland: 98 per cent are Protestant but Statistics say that every fifth resident has already made one suicide attempt. 02/19/2015
Norwegian Muslims will form a human shield around an Oslo synagogue 02/18/2015
Denmark Chief Rabbi Mourns Loss Of 'Irreplaceable' Jewish Guard Following Attack 02/15/2015
Swedish Mohammad cartoonist did not expect Muslim backlash 02/15/2015
How thousands of Icelanders suddenly started worshiping the Norse gods again 02/03/2015
Pope Francis and Eritrean Catholic priest among Nobel Peace nominees 02/02/2015
Iceland to build its first temple to the Norse gods in 1,000 years 02/02/2015
Danish Lutheran Church faces debate over Jesus’ resurrection 02/02/2015
Northern Zombies & Heathen Worldviews 01/21/2015
How Denmark Learnt From Its Own Charlie Hebdo Moment 01/13/2015
In Sweden, the Land of the Open Door, Anti-Muslim Sentiment Finds a Foothold 01/02/2015
Gay Marriage Acceptance by Finnish Lutheran Archbishop Prompts Mass Resignations From Church; Nearly 8,000 Resign Over Weekend 12/01/2014
The Religious Lives of Finnish Mind Readers 10/29/2014
Church of Norway plans to pass an electronic collection basket 05/22/2014
Saudi Arabia Takes Swipe at Norway's Human Rights Record 04/30/2014