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Religion: France fights extremists who recruit through sport 12/23/2017
‘Islam, eternal religion of peace’: Charlie Hebdo hits Muslim world with another scathing cartoon 08/23/2017
France’s ‘deradicalisation gravy train’ runs out of steam 08/02/2017
What does Macron believe about laicity? 05/16/2017
'We don't want you here': Muslims fearful as France prepares to vote 05/05/2017
French clerics’ stands on Le Pen populism range from resistance to reserve 05/04/2017
Rise in numbers of Jews leaving for Israel from some European countries 01/12/2017
Three new evangelical churches open in France every month 01/12/2017
France's Catholic Moment 01/12/2017
Le Pen slams rival Fillon over use of religion in politics 01/11/2017
François Fillon, Embracing His Catholicism, Challenges France’s Secular Tradition 01/03/2017
In secular France, Catholic conservatism makes a comeback 12/08/2016
Russian patriarch blesses new Paris church, a Putin project 12/04/2016
Signs of religion 'more visible' in French workplaces 09/22/2016
French Muslims fear state aims to control their faith 08/27/2016
French court suspends burkini ban 08/26/2016
Outside Paris, a clinic aims to tackle an age-old practice 08/25/2016
Investigation of French cardinal for sex abuse cover-up is dropped 08/04/2016
Wounded fight for life in Nice as killer’s brother tells of pre-attack call 07/18/2016
Pope Francis telephones Nice leaders: ‘What can I do for you?’ 07/18/2016
Attack in Nice Turns Spotlight on City’s Religious Divisions 07/17/2016
Asking employee to remove headscarf is discrimination – EU court advisor 07/13/2016
Natan Sharansky Says French Extremism Means No Future for Jews 06/28/2016
Police question French cardinal over paedophile priest 06/08/2016
Native Americans Protest A Planned Auction Of Sacred Objects In France 05/25/2016
Islamic State's lasting grip is a new hurdle for Europe, US 05/22/2016
Prominent French priest and Vatican adviser accused in sex scandal 05/20/2016
Pope Francis says Islam and Christianity share an ‘idea of conquest’ 05/17/2016
Pope stands by French cardinal facing abuse cover-up claims 05/16/2016
France’s answer to Dr. Ruth? A Muslim sex therapist who tells all 05/11/2016
French PM says UNESCO Jerusalem resolution 'unfortunate, clumsy' 05/11/2016
In France, an uncertain future for Jews 05/09/2016
France to open 'de-radicalisation centres' in every region to tackle Islamist threat 05/09/2016
Will France Stop Muslim Soccer Players From Praying? 05/02/2016
Muslim women‪ are the first to pay the price for Islamophobia in Europe 04/30/2016
Unease with Islam on the rise in France and Germany, new poll finds 04/29/2016
A French synagogue is being converted into a mosque after Jews abandoned the neighborhood 04/28/2016
France bulldozes refugees’ church, mosque 02/01/2016
French Jews Fear a New Strain of ISIS-Inspired Anti-Semitism 01/24/2016
Hundreds of French mosques open their doors to the public 01/09/2016