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'They ensure each twin baby dies': the secret killings in central Nigeria 01/19/2018
“No one can divide us”. Al Sisi’s embrace to the Copts 01/07/2018
Islamic State declares war on rival Hamas with video execution 01/04/2018
Egyptian Parliament considers outlawing atheism 01/04/2018
Egyptian Parliament considers outlawing atheism 01/04/2018
Coptic diocese says hundreds attack church in Egypt 12/23/2017
Nigerian clergy demand compensation for churches destroyed by Boko Haram 08/30/2017
Egypt: Copts worship in streets after clashes over church permit 08/23/2017
Boko Haram: Hunters kill sect top commander in Adamawa 08/18/2017
Religion on the go: clerics use Cairo subway to clarify Islamic doctrine 08/01/2017
Amid Persecution, Sudan Becomes Anglican Communion's Newest Province 07/31/2017
Report: 479 Women Accused Of 'Witchcraft' Killed in Tanzania 07/31/2017
Pastors arrested in Sudan as government moves to take over church 07/30/2017
In a bid to promote diversity, Egypt plans to restore Alexandria synagogue 07/27/2017
Court supports Muslims’ opposition to construction of church in Zanzibar 07/27/2017
Letter from Africa: Freed Boko Haram 'wives' return to captors 07/26/2017
Abductions of two priests in Congo a growing concern 07/26/2017
Al-Azhar setting up religious edict booths in Cairo metro 07/24/2017
Patriarch’s first appearance in decade dismissed as ‘figleaf’ 07/21/2017
Sudan church council leader summoned before Criminal Court 07/14/2017
Jailed Algerian Christian receives partial presidential pardon 07/12/2017
Murder of fifth Copt in six weeks creating ‘state of fear and terror’ among Egypt’s Christians 07/12/2017
Al-Azhar says Islam ‘totally incompatible’ with violence, as IS shifts focus to Upper Egypt 06/29/2017
South African court bars schools from promoting any one religion 06/28/2017
For Egypt’s Copts, if it isn’t extremism, it’s sectarianism 06/21/2017
First-Ever 'Africa Study Bible' Released; 'Watershed Moment' in History, Some Say 06/21/2017
In world’s largest refugee settlement, churches offer hope 06/20/2017
Central African Republic foes sign church-mediated peace accord 06/20/2017
Christian teacher killed, another abducted along with Muslim in Kenya 06/16/2017
Lost ancient Muslim city discovered in Ethiopia could reveal details of Islam's history in Africa 06/16/2017
Pope threatens to fire priests in Nigeria who don't agree with new placement of Bishop 06/14/2017
Tunisians protest for right not to fast during Ramadan 06/11/2017
Lutherans Celebrate Reformation Where Germany Committed Genocide 05/19/2017
Christian sect members attack Congo prison, free leader and 50 inmates 05/17/2017
Religion in schools breeds good morals, high court told 05/16/2017
Christian militias kill up to 30 Muslim civilians in Central African Republic 05/14/2017
100,000 Massacred, Over 2 Million Displaced In Boko Haram’s War to Eradicate Christianity 02/15/2017
Egypt orders Muslim preachers to deliver identical weekly sermons 07/13/2016
Sudan’s Christians face ‘ethnic cleansing’ 07/11/2016
Sudan charges 5 Christians over church dispute 07/11/2016