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After 500 Years, Reformation-Era Divisions Have Lost Much of Their Potency 08/31/2017
Islamic theology in Germany: Spanning the divide 08/28/2017
Muslims 'integrate' well into Germany - but aren't accepted 08/24/2017
Chile sect: German court jails fugitive doctor over child sex abuse 08/14/2017
'Flying Spaghetti Monster' church told no advertising 08/02/2017
German court jails notorious Islamist preacher 07/27/2017
Liberal mosque founder who banned burqas defies death threats and vows to continue 07/26/2017
Young Islamists in Germany have 'very scant' knowledge of Koran 07/11/2017
Germany set to open its first liberal mosque in Berlin 06/16/2017
Islamist extremism: Germany invests millions to prevent radicalization 06/15/2017
On the Reformation's 500th Anniversary, Remembering Martin Luther's Contribution to Literacy 05/16/2017
Germany to ban civil servants, judges, soldiers from wearing full-face veil 04/28/2017
Three in ten Germans believe in life after death 04/18/2017
German spies investigate if Scientologists 'infiltrated' major museum 03/02/2017
Germany Poised to Mount More Raids on Turkish Imams Accused of Spying 03/01/2017
Germany's Gabriel calls for Salafist preachers to be expelled 01/09/2017
How Martin Luther has shaped Germany for half a millennium 01/07/2017
How a toy figure of Martin Luther sparked accusations of anti-Semitism 01/04/2017
Manhunt intensifies for Berlin Christmas market attacker 12/21/2016
Why some of Europe’s least religious countries are shaped by politicians’ Christian faith 12/13/2016
How some Muslim refugees are converting to Christianity 12/09/2016
Where is the world's most 'godless' city? 12/07/2016
Angela Merkel calls for widespread ban on ‘full veil’ Islamic coverings 12/06/2016
Most Germans fear the 'Islamisation' of their country, says poll 09/21/2016
Man denied security clearance at work for being Scientologist 07/13/2016
Islamophobia, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment On The Rise In Germany 06/16/2016
Germany to clamp down on religious polygamy 06/14/2016
At Ramadan, Muslim migrants in Europe dream of family and comfort food 06/07/2016
German prosecutors push for prison time for Colonia Dignidad member 06/07/2016
German Protestant bishop wants Islam classes in all state schools 05/30/2016
After Migrants, German Nationalist Party Takes Aim at Islam 05/23/2016
Christian Refugees in Germany Report High Levels of Religious Violence 05/19/2016
World’s first all-in-one synagogue, church and mosque to be built in Germany 05/17/2016
German establishment rounds on anti-immigration party over Islam 05/12/2016
40,000 non-Muslim migrants harassed in German centers over their religion – activists 05/10/2016
German Jews call for dismissal of self-declared Jew-hating pastor 05/07/2016
German politicians suggest taxing Muslims to fight radicalization 05/04/2016
Germany AfD conference: party adopts anti-Islam policy 05/01/2016
Muslim theology faculties develop an ‘Islam for Germany’ 04/28/2016
German cardinal tarred as ‘Antichrist’ for defending Muslims 04/28/2016