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Study finds low levels of religious practice among initial teacher education applicants 01/19/2018
Crystals, potions and tarot cards: the mystical rise of new age businesses 01/18/2018
A Presbyterian pastor languishes in a Turkish prison 01/11/2018
Pope to meet with victims of Chile’s dictatorship on trip 01/11/2018
Pressed on False Claims About Muslims, U.S. Ambassador Goes Silent 01/11/2018
Hostility to Vatican II runs deep with Pope Francis' critics 01/08/2018
Pope Francis to Declassify Files on Uruguay Dictatorship 01/08/2018
Pope Francis Calls For Ban On Nuclear Weapons 01/08/2018
Muslims call on Irish people to resist blaming Islam for attacks 01/05/2018
Pope slams ‘false respect’ for non-Christians driving Jesus out of Christmas 12/27/2017
Pope to Card. Maradiaga: I'm sorry for the evil they have done against you 12/26/2017
Religion: France fights extremists who recruit through sport 12/23/2017
35 thousand euros a month for the Cardinal: the new scandal that shakes the Vatican 12/21/2017
After 500 Years, Reformation-Era Divisions Have Lost Much of Their Potency 08/31/2017
Evensong sees a surge even as British church attendance declines 08/30/2017
Iceland’s Only Baptist Pastor Doesn’t Want Down Syndrome Eliminated 08/30/2017
‘Deeply Worrying’ Fears Around Muslims And Islam Revealed In Damning Report 08/30/2017
Pagans demand return of 'their' buildings they claim were 'stolen' by the church 08/28/2017
Islamic theology in Germany: Spanning the divide 08/28/2017
Peter Dutton says religious schools must have right to teach own definition of marriage 08/24/2017
Muslims 'integrate' well into Germany - but aren't accepted 08/24/2017
Offline, cult-like, Spain terror cell evaded detection 08/24/2017
‘Islam, eternal religion of peace’: Charlie Hebdo hits Muslim world with another scathing cartoon 08/23/2017
How the English far right co-opted Christianity – and why its ‘crusade’ shouldn’t be ignored 08/23/2017
Lost Latin commentary on the Gospels rediscovered after 1,500 years thanks to digital technology 08/23/2017
Pope Francis is becoming the voice of compassion for the world's refugees 08/22/2017
Imam’s softly-softly approach forces rethink in combating radicalization 08/22/2017
Spain terror cell was planning Sagrada Família attack, suspect tells court 08/22/2017
Religious freedom, increasingly threatened worldwide, report says 08/21/2017
Jerusalem's chief rabbi criticizes pilgrimages to Uman on Rosh Hashana 08/21/2017
Pope: Rights of migrants trump national security concerns 08/21/2017
In Barcelona, a heartening rejection of Islamophobia 08/20/2017
Songs of Praise special on Princess Diana to suggest she had more of a Christian faith than was widely believed 08/20/2017
Biggest Christian festival in the UK decides to showcase some Islam too 08/18/2017
Chile sect: German court jails fugitive doctor over child sex abuse 08/14/2017
France’s ‘deradicalisation gravy train’ runs out of steam 08/02/2017
A Vatican Shot Across the Bow for Hard-Line U.S. Catholics 08/02/2017
Sicily's '12 apostles' religious sect abused girls to 'make them feel closer to God' 08/02/2017
'Flying Spaghetti Monster' church told no advertising 08/02/2017
Muslim nations meet to discuss Jerusalem tensions 08/02/2017