Latest Religion News

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Iran sentences New Age-style Shiite Islam founder to death 08/27/2017
Iran’s clerics concerned by spread of Christianity among youth 08/22/2017
Rash of sentences ‘shows government’s fear of growth of Christianity in Iran’ 07/12/2017
Lengthy sentences for Iranian pastor and two converts 07/05/2017
Attackers bomb Ayatollah Khomeini tomb and Parliament; Saudis blamed 06/07/2017
The great Sunni-Shia conflict is getting ever closer to the surface 06/07/2017
Why Iranian Christians are pinning hopes on ‘moderate’ Rouhani, despite human rights failures 05/19/2017
The obscure religion that shaped the West 04/06/2017
Death of Iran’s Rafsanjani Removes Influential Voice Against Hard-Liners 01/08/2017
Iran jails fashion bloggers and models for 'spreading prostitution' 12/06/2016
Iran Bars Pilgrims From Traveling to Mecca for Hajj 05/29/2016
Political storm in Iran as Rafsanjani's daughter meets Bahai leader 05/18/2016
Iran Releases Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani; 3 Church Members Remain in Custody 05/17/2016
Iran re-arrests Christian pastor once sentenced to death 05/13/2016
Iran says pilgrims to miss hajj after Saudi 'sabotage' 05/12/2016
Iran Religious Persecution Increasing Despite Nuclear Deal, USCIRF Reports 05/04/2016
Rouhani clashes with Iranian police over undercover hijab agents 04/20/2016
Iran and Saudi Arabia will come together for rare meeting to discuss Hajj pilgrimage 04/09/2016
Wife of Iran-held pastor hopes to rebuild marriage 01/23/2016
How the hijab has made sexual harassment worse in Iran 09/15/2015
Iranian Christian converts beaten and detained by police 08/19/2015
Pastor Saeed Abedini Targeted in Prison Cell Raid; Condition Is 'Very Worrisome,' Reports Agency 08/17/2015
On trial in Iran for celebrating Christmas 05/28/2015
A Sad Anniversary as Iran’s Brutalization of the Baha’i Continues 05/19/2015
Iran Suspends Hajj Trips To Saudi Arabia Amid Spat 04/13/2015
Iranian filmmakers defy taboos and depict Muhammad, just don’t expect to see his face 03/25/2015
Obama to meet with family of pastor imprisoned in Iran 01/21/2015
Why are burial rights being denied to a Baha'i in Iran? 01/11/2015
Once Maligned, Iran's Jews Find Greater Acceptance Under Moderate President Rouhani 11/26/2014
Take it or leave it: Ordinary Iranians are losing interest in the mosque 10/31/2014
Young Iranians Sentenced To Lashes, Jail Time For Dancing In 'Happy' Pharrell Video 09/18/2014
Iran's Ayatollah Declines to Help US Coalition Fight ISIS 09/16/2014
New freedoms, old prohibitions 08/25/2014
Militants making headway in Iraq and Syria declare creation of formal Islamic state 06/29/2014
The Sunni-Shia divide: Where they live, what they believe and how they view each other 06/18/2014
Iran’s Zoroastrians celebrate Persian roots 06/15/2014
For the Bahá'ís imprisoned in Iran, freedom and human rights seem remote 06/06/2014
In Iran, a Dispute Over Heaven 06/05/2014
Pastor Saeed Abedini Severely Beaten, Returned to Iranian Prison 05/21/2014
Young Iranians Arrested for Being Too ‘Happy in Tehran’ 05/20/2014