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In Israel, a rabbinical plan to hide Africans facing deportation 01/18/2018
Is Trump widening a rift between the evangelicals and Mideast Christians? 01/08/2018
Israel minister proposes a Trump train station at Western Wall 12/27/2017
Rabinical court rules against Jewish marriage rites for Messianic Jews 08/30/2017
Jews: People or Religion? 08/29/2017
Outcry as women said ‘strip searched’ at entrance to Western Wall 08/23/2017
US State Department slams Israeli stagnation on religious freedom reform 08/22/2017
Jerusalem's chief rabbi criticizes pilgrimages to Uman on Rosh Hashana 08/21/2017
Jewish visitors to Temple Mount jump 15% this year 08/01/2017
Analysis: Jerusalem shrine crisis hardens leaders’ positions 07/29/2017
Clashes erupt at Jerusalem shrine as Muslims return to pray 07/27/2017
Turkey's Erdogan says Israel damaging Jerusalem's 'Islamic character' 07/26/2017
Safed rabbi convicted of rape for ‘sex therapy’ 07/26/2017
Israel offers unprecedented benefits to bring home Jewish cultists 07/25/2017
Christian man prays with Jerusalem Muslims as religious tensions flare 07/23/2017
The Commodification of Orthodox Judaism 07/23/2017
Muslims hold street protests, prayers near Jerusalem shrine 07/22/2017
Opposition to metal detectors sets off chaotic Friday prayers in Jerusalem’s Old City 07/21/2017
How the Western Wall deal fell apart 07/15/2017
Holy tattoo! A 700-year old Christian tradition thrives in Jerusalem 07/09/2017
Tycoon withdraws funds from Israel amid Kotel, conversion crisis 07/02/2017
Israel’s controversial conversion bill, explained 06/29/2017
Netanyahu Claims He Didn’t Kill Western Wall Prayer Deal — He’s Saving It 06/28/2017
Liberals Threaten Israel Giving In Wake Of Cabinet Moves 06/28/2017
Western Wall plan for mixed-gender prayer space put on hold 06/28/2017
Haredi parties threaten to quit government over work on Shabbat 06/17/2017
The New Christian Zionists 06/13/2017
Ex-MK’s soldier son attacked by ultra-Orthodox mob in Jerusalem 06/11/2017
How the Six-Day War Transformed Religion 06/05/2017
Spitting, harassment a matter of course in Beit Shemesh neighborhood 05/16/2017
Trump to visit Jewish, Christian holy sites in Jerusalem 05/16/2017
Israel appoints first female judge to Sharia Court 05/15/2017
Former chief rabbi of Israel convicted of corruption 05/15/2017
Liberal rabbis stake out their ground on Western Wall 07/11/2016
In Israel, followers of different religions help each other keep the faith 06/30/2016
Ramadan Confrontations Test Restraint on Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade 06/30/2016
Researchers May Have Found An Ancient Sanctuary To Pagan God Pan 06/29/2016
In Jerusalem’s cramped Old City, Christians feel the squeeze 06/21/2016
Jewish Radicals Disrupt Greek Orthodox Pentecost Prayer in Jerusalem, Calling Worshipers 'Evil' 06/21/2016
Mayor ordered to remove modesty signs from Israeli city 06/20/2016