Latest Religion News

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Abductions of two priests in Congo a growing concern 07/26/2017
Central African Republic foes sign church-mediated peace accord 06/20/2017
Lutherans Celebrate Reformation Where Germany Committed Genocide 05/19/2017
Christian sect members attack Congo prison, free leader and 50 inmates 05/17/2017
Christian militias kill up to 30 Muslim civilians in Central African Republican 05/15/2017
Christian militias kill up to 30 Muslim civilians in Central African Republic 05/14/2017
Sub-Saharan Africa will be home to growing shares of the world’s Christians and Muslims 04/19/2017
Faith puts Ghana at heart of global Christianity 03/01/2017
Cameroon has been using witchcraft to fight Boko Haram 01/11/2017
How new global charities are beating ‘faith-based organizations’ at their own game 12/16/2016
Muslim Rebels Murder 6 Christians in Door-To-Door Raid in Central African Republic 09/21/2016
The child witches of Liberia 08/05/2016
They thought they were going to religion school. They ended up slaves. 05/27/2016
African Methodists worry about the church that brought them Christianity 05/20/2016
Swapping voodoo convents for classrooms in Benin 05/08/2016
Why West Africa's Muslim-majority states are banning the burqa 05/02/2016
Gambia's president orders female officials to cover their hair 01/05/2016
The hospital at the center of a Muslim-Christian war in Africa 12/19/2015
Ritual killings, witch trials go unpunished in Liberia - U.N. 12/18/2015
Senegal, a Peaceful Islamic Democracy, Is Jarred by Fears of Militancy 12/12/2015
Four people lynched in Central African Republic's capital - sources 10/29/2015
Top pastor escapes death amidst renewed violence in CAR 10/01/2015
Christian-Muslim Brawl With Machetes and Grenades Leaves 24 Dead, 100 Injured 09/28/2015
70 burned churches 'fertilize' faith of Nigeriens 08/20/2015
Muslims in C. Africa 'forced to abandon religion': Amnesty 07/31/2015
Chad: Christian-Muslim unity strengthens after Boko Haram attacks 07/22/2015
Religion and Ebola: Learning from Experience 07/06/2015
'Wall' of religious hatred divides Central African town 05/24/2015
South-east Asia migrant crisis: Gambia offers to resettle all Rohingya refugees 05/21/2015
Angola demands apology from U.N. over Christian sect killings 05/16/2015
Angola Crackdown on Apocalyptic Christians Turns Deadly 05/08/2015
Congo-Brazzaville bans Muslim women from wearing full-face veils, citing terrorism prevention 05/04/2015
Angola Shuts Eight Churches After Deadly Clashes With Sect 04/30/2015
Angola: President Considers Sect 'Light of the World' a Threat to Peace 04/21/2015
Liberian Baptists against “Christian nation” label 04/12/2015
Recent violence in Niger shows growing intolerance among religious groups 01/28/2015
Muslim Mobs Burn Down Churches, Pastors' Homes in Niger for Charlie Hebdo's Prophet Muhammad Cartoons; 10 People Dead in Protests 01/19/2015
The Mission: A last defense against genocide. 10/20/2014
As Ebola epidemic tightens grip, west Africa turns to religion for succour 10/17/2014
Blocked From Pope’s Synod By Ebola, Liberia’s Bishop Tells His Nation’s Story 10/14/2014