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Aum trials seen near completion as top court upholds life term for Katuya Takahashi 01/19/2018
Japan’s supreme court upholds acquittal of ex-Aum Shinrikyo cult member in Tokyo bombing case 12/27/2017
Robots Enter Religion; to Perform Buddhist Funeral Rites 08/23/2017
Christian-style weddings remain popular in Japan, but allure is more about optics than religion 06/23/2017
Former Aum cultist publishes memoir on gas attacks, Asahara 01/10/2017
Former Aum member pleads not guilty in trial appealing life sentence 07/11/2016
Top court green-lights surveillance of Japan's Muslims 06/18/2016
Why Catholics And Muslims Alike Come To Pray At This Shrine To Mary 05/25/2016
Japan's Shinto Shrines in Crisis Despite Abe Pushing Religion 05/23/2016
Church’s sexual abuse scandals reach into Japan 04/20/2016
Does Japan’s Conservative Shinto Religion Support Gay Marriage? 06/30/2015
Syrian Catholic leader pleads with US Christians not to forget his threatened church 04/30/2015
Daughter of Aum Shinrikyo Founder to Publish Memoir 03/05/2015
Horror, grief in Japan after ISIS apparently beheads hostage 02/01/2015
Japan ISIS Update: Japanese Muslims Condemn Islamic State Actions, Fearing Damage To Islam Image 01/21/2015
Aum death row inmate blames self for Takahashi 01/21/2015
Trial of last Aum fugitive Katsuya Takahashi to begin Jan 16 01/11/2015
Aum cult continues growing 12/01/2014
JAPAN: Husband and wife abducted and confined for the purpose of forced religious de-conversion 09/11/2014
Aum splinter group raided over unregistered travel agency 08/06/2014
Intelligence agency inspects 22 AUM cult-related facilities 08/01/2014
Aum cultists inspire a new generation of admirers 03/20/2014
Aum Shinrikyo's victims fear cult's resurgence 03/13/2014
Ex-AUM cult member Hirata sentenced to 9 years in prison 03/07/2014
Jesus in Japan: The Dodgy Documents that Reimagine Christ's Life 02/26/2014
One man's interviews with doomsday cult 02/18/2014
How will lay judges deal with latest trial involving Aum cult? 01/17/2014
Japan Buddhists launch Monks Without Borders 12/16/2013
Tokyo court convicts Salvation Army major for defaming Christian church in Japan 11/15/2013
Café Unites Monks With Urban Seekers 09/02/2013
Three 'Moonies' set themselves ablaze in S. Korea 08/22/2013
Justice Ministry frustrated by delays in executing Aum Shinrikyo founder 07/31/2013
Supreme Court throws out appeal against testimony of Aum Shinrikyo members 07/05/2013
Book Talk: The dark doubts in the heart of a Mormon missionary 06/21/2013
3 death row inmates set to testify in trial of fellow Aum member 06/18/2013
'Japanese Jesus' Legend: Christ Escaped Jerusalem, Lived In Japan With Family As Rice Farmer 05/30/2013
Brazil Priest Excommunicated For Defending Gay Rights 04/30/2013
Massive investment losses rock leading Buddhist sect 04/22/2013
Death-row inmates may testify / Former Aum members may be called in Hirata lay judge trial 03/22/2013
Buddhist temples in Japan joining matchmaking boom 03/21/2013