Latest Religion News

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TAJIKISTAN: Conscientious objector's military trial imminent 08/31/2017
Kazakhstan: 22nd known 2017 criminal conviction 08/29/2017
TAJIKISTAN: Fines, questioning, threats for wearing hijab 08/02/2017
Tajikistan: three-year sentence for pastor for ‘singing extremist songs’ 07/27/2017
Trial ‘imminent’ for Tajikistan pastor, on unspecified charges 07/04/2017
Tajikistan: Trial imminent for arrested Pastor 06/29/2017
UZBEKISTAN: Muslims' long prison terms, Protestants' short terms 06/20/2017
UZBEKISTAN: Deportation, fines, Bible and Koran seizures 05/17/2017
KAZAKHSTAN: Article 174 cases increase, Cancer sufferer tortured 03/07/2017
KAZAKHSTAN: New controls on religious travel and literature 01/05/2017
UZBEKISTAN: Prisoners' human rights still denied 12/13/2016
UZBEKISTAN: More literature-related arrests, raids, fines, jailings 12/01/2016
UZBEKISTAN: Punished for religious books at home 09/29/2016
Uzbekistan: Three-year imprisonment for religious literature? 06/28/2016
KAZAKHSTAN: Religious literature fines, prison, destruction 05/11/2016
In Central Asia, Islamic State adds a new twist to a diplomatic puzzle 05/08/2016
TAJIKISTAN: "Inciting religious hatred" charges for at least 6 imams and man who filmed police harassment 04/26/2016
TURKMENISTAN: Children's summer camp warning, fines, new Religion Law, "no religion" in army 04/18/2016
Tajikistan shaves 13,000 beards in 'radicalism' battle 01/21/2016
UZBEKISTAN: Police and Imam "forced family to bury deceased in cemetery where officers took them" 12/07/2015
KAZAKHSTAN: Last days for embattled mosque community? 11/02/2015
Kazakhstan: Secret police-inspired criminal prosecutions 10/13/2015
Central Asia’s crackdown on militant Islam risks provoking a backlash 07/31/2015
TAJIKISTAN: "Teaching religion unlawfully in a private flat" 07/29/2015
KAZAKHSTAN: Mosque again denied legal status, Imam dies, electricity "temporarily" cut off 07/17/2015
Turkmenistan: Two amnestied prisoners, conscientious objector in hospital, beaten "Wahhabis" 02/18/2015
KAZAKHSTAN: Four 20-month prison terms, one 18-month term 01/14/2015
UZBEKISTAN: Raids, religious literature seizures, passport confiscations and expulsions 09/01/2014
TURKMENISTAN: Same court, same judge, same four-year prison sentence, different victim 08/20/2014
TURKMENISTAN: Police violence, forcible injections, fabricated charges, four years jail for prisoner of conscience 08/01/2014
Kyrgyzstan: Orthodox Bishop banned 07/18/2014
KYRGYZSTAN: Ahmadis "must not worship together. Otherwise they will be punished" 07/17/2014
KAZAKHSTAN: Two months' jail for religious meetings without state permission? 05/16/2014
UZBEKISTAN: "Those who accepted other religions may not be buried in same cemetery with Muslims" 04/25/2014
KYRGYZSTAN: Lenten service raided, other raids, warnings of "illegal activity" 04/17/2014
Kazakhstan urged to end mandatory registration of religious communities – UN expert 04/04/2014
TURKMENISTAN: One-year prison term for latest conscientious objector 03/21/2014
KAZAKHSTAN: Religious freedom survey, March 2014 03/20/2014
TAJIKISTAN: State control of Islam increasing 03/03/2014
KYRGYZSTAN: Who can be a conscientious objector? 02/25/2014