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Aum trials seen near completion as top court upholds life term for Katuya Takahashi 01/19/2018
How a Brisbane Artist Became a Priest for a UFO Pleasure Cult 01/18/2018
In Israel, a rabbinical plan to hide Africans facing deportation 01/18/2018
'Beyond comprehension': Myanmar admits killing Rohingya 01/11/2018
Chinese priest missing after ‘brief chat’ with authorities 01/11/2018
Chinese authorities demolish Christian church 01/11/2018
The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus 01/10/2018
Is Trump widening a rift between the evangelicals and Mideast Christians? 01/08/2018
Rohingya Children Facing ‘Massive Mental Health Crisis’ 12/31/2017
Pakistan man exonerated after serving 9 years for blasphemy 12/31/2017
India produces bill that jails Muslim men for instant divorce 12/30/2017
In strife-torn Myanmar, love trumps hate for a Muslim-Buddhist couple 12/30/2017
Japan’s supreme court upholds acquittal of ex-Aum Shinrikyo cult member in Tokyo bombing case 12/27/2017
Israel minister proposes a Trump train station at Western Wall 12/27/2017
Politics, religion interfere as Saudi Arabia hosts world chess games 12/26/2017
In Myanmar, hatred for Rohingya Muslims runs so deep that a diplomat called them 'ugly as ogres' — and got promoted 12/26/2017
Rohingya refugees have only memories, saved on cellphones 12/26/2017
India tightens Christmas security after Christians attacked 12/25/2017
‘Arabization’ of Malaysian religion, culture comes under spotlight 12/23/2017
How ISIS Changed the Yezidi Religion 12/22/2017
Pakistan: Christian, Hindu Girls Become Target of Sunni Muslim Clerics 12/21/2017
Yazidi women struggle to return to daily life after enduring Islamic State brutality 12/18/2017
Violence in Myanmar Pushes at Least 18,500 Rohingya Into Bangladesh 08/30/2017
Technology is changing Hajj 08/30/2017
Rabinical court rules against Jewish marriage rites for Messianic Jews 08/30/2017
After three years of ISIS occupation, the Mass returns to Mosul 08/30/2017
Why aren't Uyghur Muslims in China allowed to go to Hajj? 08/30/2017
Family imprisoned, tortured for fleeing North Korea – and for their Christian faith 08/30/2017
My life in a religious cult: 'The most dangerous place in the world is the womb of an ungodly woman' 08/29/2017
Indian cult leader sentenced to 20 years’ jail for raping two female followers 08/29/2017
Burkas are political symbols not Islamic ones, Muslim scholar says 08/29/2017
Jews: People or Religion? 08/29/2017
Hajj pilgrimage entangled in web of Saudi politics 08/29/2017
Pope Francis to visit to Myanmar, Bangladesh this year 08/28/2017
Jailed sect leader: Why deras command huge following 08/28/2017
Iran sentences New Age-style Shiite Islam founder to death 08/27/2017
Iraq’s Sunnis wrestle with militants’ religious legacy 08/27/2017
Ongoing Myanmar clashes leave 96 dead, including 6 civilians 08/27/2017
The 200 Americans Living in North Korea Have Little Time Left to Leave 08/24/2017
North India cities on lockdown, stadiums readied as prisons before sect guru’s rape trial verdict 08/24/2017