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‘Arabization’ of Malaysian religion, culture comes under spotlight 12/23/2017
The online abuse hurled at Malaysia's Muslim women 08/21/2017
Christian preachers' disappearance in Malaysia stokes fears of crackdown on religious minorities 06/07/2017
Outrage in multiethnic Malaysia as government backs Islamic law 06/28/2016
Malaysian activists question role of Muslim ‘fashion police’ 07/21/2015
Malaysia orders probe after protest forces church to take down cross 04/22/2015
Why Malaysians join IS: Cult, broken families, money problems, says home minister 03/31/2015
Top Court Rules That Malaysian Catholics Can’t Use ‘Allah’ in Publications 01/21/2015
Malaysia to prop up Sedition Act to protect “sanctity of Islam” 11/27/2014
When, why and how Christians use the word ‘Allah’ — CFM 07/22/2014
Not NRD’s place to query religious status change, lawyers say 07/14/2014
In Malaysia, Islam's legal advance divides families and nation 07/12/2014
Malaysia Court Upholds 'Allah' Ban For Non-Muslims 06/23/2014
Cadbury given all clear by Malaysia Islamic body 06/02/2014
Malaysia Muslim groups call for boycott of Cadbury, Mondelez foods after pork traces 05/29/2014
Sultan of Brunei unveils strict sharia penal code 04/30/2014
Malaysia, Indonesia ban biblical epic 'Noah' 04/07/2014
Malaysia court delays 'Allah' ruling 03/04/2014
Najib touches base with Muslim NGOs as tensions rise over ‘Allah’ 01/30/2014
Malaysia’s ‘Allah’ impasse 01/24/2014
Malaysia's God problem erupts, tarnishing moderate image 01/19/2014
Sarawak state leader calls for calm after Bible seizure 01/07/2014
Christian group to member churches: Deny entry to Islamic authorities - 01/04/2014
Malaysia's Islamic authorities seize Bibles as Allah row deepens 01/02/2014
Malaysia ruling party tightens embrace of Islam to gain support 12/06/2013
Malaysia PM says curb on use of 'Allah' key to stability 10/31/2013
Malaysia’s curbs on use of the term ‘Allah’ hurting its moderate Muslim image 10/23/2013
Brunei Sharia Law Announced By Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah 10/22/2013
Prosecutors Allege Kong Hee's City Harvest Church Controlled Production Company That Managed Sun Ho's Music Career 08/26/2013
Buddhists expelled from Malaysia for praying in Muslim hall 08/21/2013
Christians Fight for Right to Use Word 'Allah' for God; Malaysia Court Set to Give Ruling 08/20/2013
Malaysia strips Singaporean of immigration privileges in dispute over Muslim prayer room 08/17/2013
Johor resort’s surau may face demolition for hosting Buddhist worship 08/13/2013
Malaysia court quashes Hindu kids' conversion to Islam 07/26/2013
First Vatican envoy to Malaysia sparks Muslim anger over 'Allah' 07/17/2013
Catholic Church’s New Envoy to Malaysia Wants Closer Ties With Muslims 01/25/2013
Call to burn Bibles heightens Malaysian election tensions 01/23/2013
Malaysian sect prepared for Mayan 'doomsday' 01/11/2013
Christians Banned From Using Word 'Allah' in Arabic by New Fatwa in Malaysia 01/10/2013
Malaysian police raid sect, seize weapons: report 01/09/2013