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Women’s Rights and the Shifting Tides of Islam in the Maldives 08/17/2017
Controversial Buddhist monk surrenders to court in Sri Lanka 06/21/2017
Maldives, Tourist Haven, Casts Wary Eye on Growing Islamic Radicalism 06/18/2017
Sri Lanka arrests five over anti-religious violence 06/12/2017
Hardline Buddhists in Myanmar, Sri Lanka strike anti-Islamist pact 10/30/2014
U.S. cancels Sri Lankan hardline monk's visa, Buddhist group says 07/30/2014
Buddhist extremists accused of persecuting Sri Lanka Christians 07/25/2014
Sri Lanka Buddhists Demand Apology From Pope Francis Over Christian Colonial Rule 07/09/2014
Sri Lankan hardline Buddhists say Facebook accounts blocked after violence 06/27/2014
Buddhist-Muslim Unrest Boils Over in Sri Lanka 06/16/2014
3 Sri Lankan Muslims killed in attack by Buddhists 06/16/2014
Sri Lanka’s Christians protest after January attacks 01/28/2014
Sri Lanka allows Colombo mosque expansion despite Buddhist hardliners’ objections 08/13/2013
Buddhists Attack Sri Lankan Mosque, 12 Injured 08/11/2013
Report draws attention to Hindu hate crimes 06/05/2013
Sri Lanka: Fears churches may be hit by legislation on cults 04/15/2013
Envoy Alarmed Over Anti-Muslim Events in Sri Lanka 04/09/2013
Anti-Muslim campaign causes fears of a new wave of ethnic violence in war-torn Sri Lanka 04/08/2013
Maldives cleric's murder raises fears of growing religious extremism 01/09/2013
Sri Lanka's hidden scourge of religious child abuse 06/01/2012
Maldives orders hundreds of luxury resorts to close spas after religious protest 12/30/2011
Thousands demonstrate in Maldives for and against strict Islamic law 12/23/2011
Maldives president condemns Islamic protest 12/19/2011
Three Lankan monks hurt in attack on Chennai Buddhist shrine 01/25/2011
Sri Lanka to set up a Buddhist Univ. in Sanchi 06/28/2010
Thousands of people visit St Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo for anniversary 06/15/2010
Leaders of all Sri Lankan religions committed to holding free and peaceful elections 04/01/2010
Akon saddened by Sri Lanka uproar 03/24/2010
Bangladesh SC declares illegal amendment allowing religion in politics 02/03/2010
Catholic Church attacked, suspicions fall on Buddhist extremists 12/09/2009
MALDIVES: What do Maldivians understand freedom of religion or belief to be? 12/07/2009
Christian literature distributed to resort workers 10/04/2009
Sri Lanka's Muslims split over ideological differences 09/18/2009
In Sri Lanka children write prayers for priests in the Year for Priests 07/01/2009
Suicide attack targets faithful at Mosque 03/10/2009
MALDIVES: Reform excludes freedom of religion or belief 02/18/2009
Anti-conversion bill: minorities fear restrictions on religious freedom 01/30/2009
Church blast kills Sri Lanka officers 12/28/2008
Citizenship for Bihari refugees 05/20/2008
Army gives Madhu shrine back to diocese 04/28/2008