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The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus 01/10/2018
Pakistan man exonerated after serving 9 years for blasphemy 12/31/2017
Pakistan: Christian, Hindu Girls Become Target of Sunni Muslim Clerics 12/21/2017
Pakistan: Teenager detained over blasphemy 08/20/2017
Hindu Today, Muslim Tomorrow 08/14/2017
Religion, 'honor' and Pakistan's 'revenge rape' 07/27/2017
CTD ties rise in extremism to proliferation of radical madrasas 07/12/2017
Pakistan expels South Korean for ‘illegal preaching’ after murder of Chinese ‘missionaries’ 06/21/2017
Man sentenced to death as Pakistan's war against blasphemy intensifies 06/13/2017
To escape abusive marriages, many Christians in Pakistan convert to Islam 06/07/2017
Boy, 10, killed in attempted blasphemy lynching in Pakistan 05/04/2017
Pakistan hate speech investigation against clerics after student killed for alleged blasphemy 04/18/2017
Another Member of Minority Religious Sect Slain in Pakistan 04/18/2017
Suicide attack on Pakistani shrine kills 72, claimed by Islamic State 02/16/2017
Pakistan arrests 150 Islamists trying to rally in support of blasphemy law 01/05/2017
Christmas message leads to death threats, police case in Pakistan 01/04/2017
Pakistani activist fears he will be killed like father after blasphemy fatwa 01/03/2017
Islamic Group Calls for Death of Son of Murdered Pakistani Politician After He Criticized Blasphemy Law 01/02/2017
Protestors attack Ahmadi mosque in Pakistan on prophet Mohammad's birthday 12/13/2016
After air crash, Pakistan fights over legacy of rock star-turned-cleric 12/08/2016
Which countries still outlaw apostasy and blasphemy? 08/29/2016
Pakistani clerics declare transgender marriages legal in Islam 06/27/2016
Pakistani man charged with blasphemy over shoes with Hindu symbol 06/21/2016
Pakistani clerics declare ‘honor killing’ against Islam 06/13/2016
Annual Persecution of Ahmadis report: The state sanctioned apartheid continues… 05/10/2016
Pakistan court orders ruling on Muslim NGO's illegal sharia courts 04/27/2016
Pakistani Sikhs open temple after 73 years, risking attacks 04/27/2016
Prominent figure in Pakistan’s Sikh minority killed by Taliban gunmen 04/23/2016
Slain Pakistani Christian’s brother campaigns against blasphemy law 01/13/2016
Islamabad's Christian slums face demolition 12/14/2015
Pakistani security seeks to tamp down reporting on California shooter 12/06/2015
San Bernardino assailant attended Islamic institute in Pakistan 12/06/2015
Pakistan on Path to Reforming Blasphemy Laws Targeting Christians 10/30/2015
Renounce your faith, and you will receive help 08/28/2015
Pakistanis’ ‘blasphemy’ of calling late pastor a Christian ‘prophet’ 08/27/2015
Pakistani Christian Flood Victims Forced to Renounce Jesus Christ, Become Slaves to Muslims or Die 08/26/2015
Pakistan Supreme Court to hear Christian woman’s blasphemy case 07/24/2015
Pakistan Supreme Court to hear Christian woman's blasphemy case 07/22/2015
How One Pakistani Town Mastered Religious Tolerance 05/27/2015
Pakistan: Anti-Christian violence erupts in Lahore after alleged Quran burning 05/25/2015