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Saudi Arabia accuses Qatar of 'declaration of war' in row over Hajj 07/31/2017
Research shows why Islam is growing faster than other religions 04/10/2017
Which countries still outlaw apostasy and blasphemy? 08/29/2016
Bahrain strips Sheikh Isa Qassim of nationality 06/21/2016
Bahrain officially bans mixing politics with religion 06/12/2016
For ISIS, a competing vision of Ramadan as a month of conquest and jihad 05/26/2016
The ‘us vs. them’ ideology of radical Salafis 05/24/2016
Bahrain Shura Council bans mixing of religion with politics 05/23/2016
Bahrain MPs ban mixing of politics and religion 05/18/2016
Catholic priest abducted in Yemen reportedly alive, could be released 05/05/2016
Muslim leaders push for action on climate change 08/18/2015
UAE imposes harsh penalties for ‘religion-incited crimes’ 07/21/2015
Muslim scholars use Ramadan to push for an Islamic renewal 07/16/2015
Kuwaiti officials charge 29 people in mosque bombing 07/14/2015
Finding organ donors among Qatar's Muslim community 07/13/2015
Islamic financial products risk losing their uniqueness – report 05/27/2015
Meeting the Houthis - and their enemies 03/16/2015
Yemen's last Jews eye exodus after Islamist takeover 02/16/2015
Man in Yemen accused of attempting to convert others to Baha'i faith 01/22/2015
Yemen leader ready to accept demands of Houthis after his guards defeated 01/21/2015
Who Are the Houthis of Yemen? 01/20/2015
Al Qaeda claims French attack, derides Paris rally 01/14/2015
Kuwaiti National Assembly speaker to Pope Francis: Islam a 'Religion of Peace' 11/27/2014
Fashion conscious 'Hipster Hijabis' reinvent Muslim dress code at Dubai fashion festival 10/08/2014
Qatar women's basketball team quits over Asian Games hijab ban 09/26/2014
Yemeni forces seek to wrest Sanaa mosque from ousted president 06/17/2014
27 killed in clashes in Yemen's northwest 05/20/2014
Hollywood blockbuster 'Noah' faces ban in Arab world 03/08/2014
Catholicism growing in heart of Muslim world 03/08/2014
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Issues Edict Against Baha'i Faith In Iran 08/01/2013
Ramadan Overeating Sends Qataris To The Hospital 07/11/2013
Saudi clerics back lower haj quota this year due to Mecca construction 06/27/2013
Sunni Cleric In Mecca Urges Support Of Syrian Rebels; Sheikh Saoud al-Shuraym Calls Assad 'Tyrant' 06/14/2013
Bahrain bans political groups from contacting Hezbollah 05/27/2013
Christian Conversion Of Woman In Saudi Arabia Results In Lashing And Prison Sentence For Lebanese And Saudi Men 05/14/2013
Dubai police chief says Muslim Brotherhood sows subversion in the Gulf 04/03/2013
Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam 12/21/2012
Bahrain strips Shiite activists of citizenship amid unrest 11/07/2012
Tunisian struggle with new freedom hits silver screen 10/17/2012
In Yemen, protests mask diverse views on anti-Islam video 09/18/2012