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Aina Gamzatova: The Muslim woman challenging Putin 01/31/2018
This is what it's like to be a Jehova's Witness in Russia 09/01/2017
Jehovah's Witnesses are banned in Russia. That doesn't stop them from worshipping. 08/24/2017
Court extends detention for members of St. Petersburg Church of Scientology 08/03/2017
Prominent Russian Punk-Rocker Defects To U.S. Over Jehovah's Witnesses Ban 07/31/2017
Exclusive interview: Jehova's Witnesses banned in Russia; court ruling upheld today 07/17/2017
Detention of St. Petersburg Church of Scientology executive upheld 06/28/2017
RUSSIA: Prison, trials, investigations for religious meetings 06/23/2017
Jehova's Witness denied appeal in Russian court 06/21/2017
Court slaps house arrest on fifth member of St. Petersburg Church of Scientology 06/09/2017
Russian Authorities Raid Church Of Scientology In St. Petersburg 06/07/2017
St. Petersburg’s Church of Scientology is charged with illegal revenue of $4.8 mln 06/07/2017
Since ban, persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses is ‘worse than ever’ 05/18/2017
Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia have house burned down, worship halls liquidated while preparing ban appeal 05/17/2017
'If You Leave, You'll Die' 05/12/2017
Russian prosecutor demands jail time for man who played Pokemon in church 04/28/2017
US commission: Russia a major violator of religious freedom 04/26/2017
For the First Time, Russia Ranked Among Worst Violators of Religious Freedom 04/26/2017
After ban, Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia harassed by police during religious services 04/25/2017
Russian court bans Jehovah's Witnesses as extremist 04/20/2017
Why banning the Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t work for Russia 04/20/2017
Russian newspaper fears for staff after Chechen clerics vow vengeance 04/18/2017
RUSSIA: Alleged "missionary activity" prosecutions continue 03/01/2017
RUSSIA: Jehovah's Witnesses to be liquidated? 02/16/2017
New Russian Orthodox cathedral in Paris reflects Moscow's growing global role 12/21/2016
Russia's Communist Party turns to the Orthodox Church 12/12/2016
Missionaries are struggling to work under new Russia law banning proselytizing 09/20/2016
A new Russian law targets Evangelicals and other 'foreign' religions 09/15/2016
Schismatics and nationalists seize a church in western Ukraine 09/15/2016
In Expanding Russian Influence, Faith Combines With Firepower 09/13/2016
Shy Russian student a suspect in Istanbul attack 07/12/2016
Anti-terrorism: a new religion for Russia 06/30/2016
Russia's Proposed Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church 06/29/2016
Russian Supreme Court upholds ban on Church of Scientology Moscow 06/29/2016
Police Reportedly Search Scientology Church Offices In Moscow, St. Petersburg 06/22/2016
Russian Supreme Court bans Jehovah’s Witnesses branch 06/09/2016
Russia: Jehovah's Witnesses face possible liquidation 05/24/2016
Russia: 2015 prosecutions for publicly sharing beliefs 05/18/2016
Russia: Jehovah's Witness Bible to be "extremist"? 05/05/2016
RUSSIA: In 2015, 89 known individuals and communities prosecuted for religious literature 04/25/2016