Latest Religion News

Title Date
Guam church could sell property to settle clergy sex abuse cases 07/13/2017
Pacific Island of Tonga Celebrates Its 1st Catholic Cardinal 02/13/2015
Papua New Guinean revivalist churches push dangerous campaign for 'faith-healing' of AIDS 07/22/2014
Two women beheaded in Papua New Guinea over witchcraft claims 04/08/2013
2 charged in Papua New Guinea 'witch' killing 02/18/2013
Woman burned alive for 'sorcery' in Papua New Guinea 02/07/2013
End to Philippine Muslim insurgency near 10/02/2012
PNG 'cannibal cult' members arrested 07/05/2012
Borneo Tribe Practices Its Own Kind of Hinduism 09/25/2011
Fiji interim government bans all Methodist Church meetings 08/25/2011
Official: Jamaica to take in radical Muslim cleric 01/07/2010
Island holds reconciliation over cannibalism 12/07/2009
Fiji police hold church leaders 07/22/2009
Fiji freemasons held for sorcery 07/16/2009
Sect silent over death 02/24/2009
Papua New Guinea schism ‘healed’ 01/27/2009
Cargo cultists hinder relief supply flow to parts of flood-stricken PNG province 12/09/2007
Cultists attack police on patrol 10/08/2007
Samoa police minister says country is not endangered by Scientologists 10/05/2007
2 Papua New Guinean men sentenced to death for beheading 'witch' 10/04/2007
Christians march in Samoa against scientology 10/04/2007
Cannibal tribe apologises for eating Methodists 08/17/2007
Mob beats up 4 sorcery suspects 05/21/2007
Human sacrifice cult in shootout with PNG police: report 05/09/2007
PNG cult leader's wife surrenders 03/27/2007
PNG cult leader's wife sought over rape, murder accusations 03/20/2007
PNG villagers wash hands of 'Black Jesus' 03/16/2007
Stony-faced Jasper proving a hit 03/07/2007
Vanuatu cargo cult marks 50 years 02/15/2007
Witchcraft brings murder to Pacific paradise 02/09/2007
Police manhunt for cult leader who 'eats girls' 02/08/2007
PNG police probe mob attacks linked to sorcery 01/28/2007
Witch-accused women burned 01/08/2007