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Jerusalem of the East: The American Christians of Pyongyang, 1895-1942 07/13/2016
Kenneth Bae, Longest-Held U.S. Prisoner of North Korea, Reveals Details of Ordeal 05/02/2016
2015 was ‘worst year’ for Christian persecution, says Open Doors 01/13/2016
Canadian officials meet pastor jailed in North Korea 12/20/2015
North Korea sentences Canadian pastor to hard labor for life 12/16/2015
North Korea agrees 'regular' visits by South's Catholic priests 12/07/2015
South Koreans Losing Trust In Religion Despite Steady Support For Catholicism: Survey 10/28/2015
North Korean representative on persecution of Christians: “Absolutely false” 07/27/2015
How U.S.-style megachurches are taking over the world, in 5 maps and charts 07/24/2015
Unification Church follower sets self and 2 others on fire 07/23/2015
300,000 South Korean Buddhists Pray For Peace And Reunification With The North 05/19/2015
N. Korea Detains S. Korean Pastor for 'Espionage'; Presbyterian Church Clarifies He Was Missionary Helping N. Korean Homeless Children in China 04/01/2015
Moonies hold mass wedding in South Korea 03/03/2015
‘It’s hard to get lost in North Korea': Toronto-area pastor feared detained after disappearing on aid mission 03/03/2015
This filmmaker set out to win Sundance and got ‘saved’ instead 02/20/2015
Alleged cult leader Lee Man-hee hosts world peace summit in Seoul 09/16/2014
Family, sect members mourn South Korea ferry owner at funeral 08/30/2014
Papal Visit That Thrills Catholics Is Unsettling to Protestants in South Korea 08/16/2014
Pope Makes Strong, Silent Anti-Abortion Statement 08/16/2014
Pope Francis Beatification of 124 Korean Martyrs Reportedly Draws 1 Million 08/15/2014
Papal visit underscores religious divide in Koreas 08/15/2014
Top Korean bishop answers criticism of pope’s trip 08/13/2014
Pope Francis heads East, pointing to a new future for his Western church 08/08/2014
North Korea Declines Invitation to Papal Mass in Seoul 08/06/2014
Pope Francis Visit To South Korea Prompts Plea For North Korean Catholics To Be Allowed To Attend 07/15/2014
Thousands raid South Korea church in futile search for ferry family boss 06/11/2014
North Korean Christians Embrace Suffering and Don't Feel Country Is Worst Place to Be a Christian, Ministry Argues 06/04/2014
Why so many police used in raid of Korean church? 06/02/2014
South Korean missionary sentenced to life of hard labour by North Korea 05/31/2014
S.Korean sect submits to search for founder linked to doomed ferry 05/21/2014
Jehovah's Witness Challenge To South Korea's Military Service 04/30/2014
South Koreans love megachurches even more than Americans do 04/24/2014
Why Pope Francis is going to South Korea 03/11/2014
Missionary says North Korea interrogated him daily 03/05/2014