Latest Religion News

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Report: 479 Women Accused Of 'Witchcraft' Killed in Tanzania 07/31/2017
Pastors arrested in Sudan as government moves to take over church 07/30/2017
Court supports Muslims’ opposition to construction of church in Zanzibar 07/27/2017
Patriarch’s first appearance in decade dismissed as ‘figleaf’ 07/21/2017
Sudan church council leader summoned before Criminal Court 07/14/2017
In world’s largest refugee settlement, churches offer hope 06/20/2017
Lost ancient Muslim city discovered in Ethiopia could reveal details of Islam's history in Africa 06/16/2017
Ugandan pastor torches Bibles as the work of ‘devil worshippers’ 04/26/2017
In Uganda, a new synagogue for a remote group of Jews 09/15/2016
Sudan charges 5 Christians over church dispute 07/11/2016
Sudan’s Christians face ‘ethnic cleansing’ 07/11/2016
Poor Zimbabweans Turn to Traditional Healers for Medical Help 05/31/2016
‘Can Christians be butchers?’ Tanzania’s Islamist tensions continue 05/23/2016
Foiled Kenya Anthrax Plot Hints At Islamic State’s Scramble For Africa 05/04/2016
Burundi’s Catholic Church rejects government’s ‘terrorist’ label 04/21/2016
Eager for their exodus, Ethiopian Jews prepare world’s largest Seder 04/21/2016
Kenyans protest new rules requiring clergy to hold theological degrees 01/12/2016
Ugandan bishop to shun Anglican meeting until ‘godly order’ is restored 01/07/2016
Catholic Church linked to Uganda child labour 01/05/2016
Rwandan pastor jailed for life for genocide-era crimes 01/04/2016
Radicalism rising in Tanzania but no panic yet 12/19/2015
Tanzanian albino children mutilated for witchcraft to return home from U.S. 10/01/2015
Ethiopian Orthodox leaders jailed after protesting about persecution 08/25/2015
S. Sudan pastors accused of spying freed 08/05/2015
Sudan detains 10 women for wearing miniskirts and trousers to church 07/13/2015
Sudan pastors will face trial, judge rules 07/02/2015
Two Presbyterian Pastors Face Death Penalty in Sudan, Persecuted for Their Christian Faith 05/27/2015
Woman’s fight against genital mutilation, honor killing gets big boost from Google boss 05/26/2015
One year after Meriam Ibrahim’s release, two Christians face possible death penalty in Sudan 05/20/2015
Sudan changes law that left rape victims punished for adultery 04/24/2015
Why Some Women Choose to Get Circumcised 04/08/2015
Elderly women in Tanzania fear spate of murderous witch hunts 03/30/2015
Ugandan bishop willing to defend notorious Lord’s Resistance Army commander in war crimes court 01/28/2015
Tanzania Bans Witch Doctors To Protect Albino People From Ritual Murder 01/15/2015
Radical Islam a growing threat to sub-Saharan Christians – report 01/07/2015
Militants Divide Kenya Miners by Religion, Then Begin Killing 12/02/2014
Negotiations with Boko Haram a farce, says Catholic priest 10/29/2014
The Rastafarians' flawed African 'promised land' 09/11/2014
Three Italian nuns murdered in Burundi: officials 09/08/2014
Somali Islamist rebels pledge allegiance to new leader 09/08/2014