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'Beyond comprehension': Myanmar admits killing Rohingya 01/11/2018
In strife-torn Myanmar, love trumps hate for a Muslim-Buddhist couple 12/30/2017
In Myanmar, hatred for Rohingya Muslims runs so deep that a diplomat called them 'ugly as ogres' — and got promoted 12/26/2017
Violence in Myanmar Pushes at Least 18,500 Rohingya Into Bangladesh 08/30/2017
Pope Francis to visit to Myanmar, Bangladesh this year 08/28/2017
Ongoing Myanmar clashes leave 96 dead, including 6 civilians 08/27/2017
Burma told by World Islamic body to protect rights of Rohingya Muslim minority 08/03/2017
A Journalist Has Been Detained in Myanmar For ‘Defaming’ an Anti-Muslim Monk 07/30/2017
Myanmar Baptists face eight years in prison for helping journalist to photograph bombed church 07/27/2017
Church denies ties to accused cult leader 07/05/2017
Myanmar arrests Buddhist nationalists accused of stoking tensions with Muslims 05/15/2017
Myanmar nationalist monks protest Thai crackdown on sect 02/24/2017
Myanmar report finds 'no evidence' of Rohingya genocide 01/09/2017
Rohingya plight making Myanmar a target for Isis, Malaysia warns 01/05/2017
Myanmar Vows Action After Video Shows Police Beating Rohingya Muslims 01/03/2017
Myanmar authorities to investigate video showing police atrocities on Rohingya Muslims 01/02/2017
Christians Facing Persecution in Burma for Turning to Christ, 'Angering Buddhist Spirits' 12/21/2016
Where Buddhism’s Eight-Fold Path Can Be Followed With a Six-Figure Salary 12/20/2016
Burma's Rohingya Muslims speak of massacres and rape as government denies genocide 12/13/2016
Rohingya crisis: Myanmar bans workers going to Malaysia 12/08/2016
US cautions crackdown in Myanmar could radicalize Muslims 12/03/2016
The Bhikkunis: Exploring The History Of Female Monks In Thailand 12/01/2016
UN: Rohingya may be enduring 'crimes against humanity' 11/30/2016
Dutch tourist sentenced for disrupting religious assembly 10/05/2016
Which countries still outlaw apostasy and blasphemy? 08/29/2016
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi reiterates stance on not using term ‘Rohingya’ – official 06/29/2016
Human blockade thwarts Thai police raid on Buddhist temple 06/16/2016
Monk stokes religious tension in Myanmar 06/08/2016
Thailand’s Infamous Tiger Temple Raided And Big Cats Seized 05/31/2016
Influential Thai Buddhist monk too ill to face graft charges, say devotees 05/26/2016
'No Muslims allowed': how nationalism is rising in Aung San Suu Kyi's Myanmar 05/23/2016
Leaked Documents Show How the UN Failed to Protect Myanmar's Persecuted Rohingya 05/22/2016
Thailand issues arrest warrant for Buddhist abbot in graft investigation 05/18/2016
When Fascination Becomes Appropriation: A Look at Buddhism in Thailand 05/18/2016
The Rohingya: A preview to the next genocide of our time 05/11/2016
Thai Officials Battle Buddhist Monks Over Tigers’ Fate 05/01/2016
Devotees at Thai temple give alms to tens of thousands of Buddhist monks 04/23/2016
After Aung San Suu Kyi's election win, Myanmar's displaced Kachin are hopeful they can go home for Christmas 12/16/2015
Change in the air 10/31/2015
Anti-Muslim paranoia could still derail Myanmar’s journey to true democracy 10/29/2015