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A Presbyterian pastor languishes in a Turkish prison 01/11/2018
Muslim nations meet to discuss Jerusalem tensions 08/02/2017
Turkey's Erdogan says Israel damaging Jerusalem's 'Islamic character' 07/26/2017
Turkey’s Alevis, a Muslim Minority, Fear a Policy of Denying Their Existence 07/22/2017
Religion in schools: Turkey has a problem with evolution so has banned teaching Darwin's theory until college 06/23/2017
On the recent past, fraught present, and tenuous future of Turkish Muslim civil society 06/13/2017
In Supporting Erdogan, Turks Cite Economic and Religious Gains 04/17/2017
The Islamic State is pulling Turkey into a vortex 01/09/2017
The Reina atrocity shows how deeply Islamic fanaticism has taken hold in Turkey 01/03/2017
A Christian Pastor in Turkey’s Prisons 01/03/2017
lslamic State group claims Istanbul New Year’s nightclub attack 01/02/2017
American Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey on 'Terror Threat' Charges for Christian Faith 12/15/2016
Turkey post-coup crackdown also targets US Protestants 12/05/2016
Public Muslims, Secret Jews: A Turkish Sect Faces Crackdown 08/05/2016
Turkey issues warrant for US-based preacher Fethullah Gülen in failed coup 08/04/2016
Turkey widens post-coup purge, demands U.S. hand over cleric 07/18/2016
U.S.-based Turkish cleric says he’d accept extradition 07/17/2016
Pan-Orthodox Council turns into cliffhanger over boycott threats 06/15/2016
Rumi film will challenge Muslim stereotypes, says Gladiator writer 06/06/2016
With Africa trip, Turkey’s Erdogan aims to quash influence of Islamic cleric 05/31/2016
Family planning not for Muslims, says Turkey's president Erdogan 05/30/2016
Islamic finance prepares rules for awqaf and zakat charitable funds 05/16/2016
A 1500-Year-Old Underground Byzantine Church Is Found in Turkey 05/11/2016
New Turkish const. will ensure freedom of religion, faith 04/27/2016
Turkish parliament speaker provokes row with call for religious constitution 04/26/2016
Turkey’s Seizure of Churches and Land Alarms Armenians 04/23/2016
Turkey detains 101 people linked to US-based Muslim cleric 04/18/2016
Fierce battles in southeast Turkey hedge in Christians 02/01/2016
A Brief History of the Rise and Fall of the Gulen Movement in Turkey 01/24/2016
Turkey Makes Arrest Over Istanbul Suicide Bombing 01/13/2016
Turkey unsettled by 'anti-Islamic' messages in U.S. presidency race: minister 01/11/2016
Islam’s important statement on climate change 09/30/2015
Turkey’s Top Religious Body Says ‘Jedi Religion’ Is A Threat To Islam 08/25/2015
Erdogan and secularists eye once-unthinkable grand coalition in Turkey 07/02/2015
Sephardic Jews Feel Bigotry’s Sting in Turkey and a Pull Back to Spain 05/26/2015
Turkish Prime Minister Dautoglu Says Pope Francis Joined 'Evil Front' Against Turkey 04/15/2015
Turkey recalls ambassador over pope’s Armenia genocide words 04/12/2015
Turkey's Orthodox and Protestants mend centuries of mistrust 04/01/2015
Turkey unveils Great Synagogue as Jewish population fades 03/25/2015
Turkish parents complain of push towards religious schools 02/12/2015