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“No one can divide us”. Al Sisi’s embrace to the Copts 01/07/2018
Egyptian Parliament considers outlawing atheism 01/04/2018
Islamic State declares war on rival Hamas with video execution 01/04/2018
Egyptian Parliament considers outlawing atheism 01/04/2018
Coptic diocese says hundreds attack church in Egypt 12/23/2017
Egypt: Copts worship in streets after clashes over church permit 08/23/2017
Religion on the go: clerics use Cairo subway to clarify Islamic doctrine 08/01/2017
Amid Persecution, Sudan Becomes Anglican Communion's Newest Province 07/31/2017
In a bid to promote diversity, Egypt plans to restore Alexandria synagogue 07/27/2017
Al-Azhar setting up religious edict booths in Cairo metro 07/24/2017
Jailed Algerian Christian receives partial presidential pardon 07/12/2017
Murder of fifth Copt in six weeks creating ‘state of fear and terror’ among Egypt’s Christians 07/12/2017
Al-Azhar says Islam ‘totally incompatible’ with violence, as IS shifts focus to Upper Egypt 06/29/2017
For Egypt’s Copts, if it isn’t extremism, it’s sectarianism 06/21/2017
Tunisians protest for right not to fast during Ramadan 06/11/2017
Sinai: eighth El-Arish Copt killed in targeted attack 05/08/2017
Pope Francis Visits Egypt’s Muslims and Persecuted Christians 04/28/2017
Pope heads to Egypt with Christians in retreat across Middle East 04/27/2017
Pope Francis enters Egypt at a time of intense conflict between religion and politics 04/26/2017
Hundreds gather at attacked Egyptian church to mourn bombing dead 04/18/2017
Christian diaspora fear their religion won't survive in its birthplace 04/14/2017
Egypt's Christians flee Sinai amid Islamic State killing spree 02/24/2017
In Face of Trump’s Order, Some Muslim Nations Are Conspicuously Silent 01/29/2017
Egypt drops case against mob that attacked Christian woman 01/15/2017
Morocco Said to Ban Sale of Burqas, Citing Security Concerns 01/11/2017
Muslim environmentalists give their religion — and their mosques — a fresh coat of green 01/04/2017
Cathedral Bombing in Cairo Leaves Egypt Alarmed, and Its President Scrambling 12/12/2016
Cairo church bombing kills 25, raises fears among Christians 12/11/2016
Egypt's Coptic church criticized over el-Sissi rallies at UN 09/21/2016
Which countries still outlaw apostasy and blasphemy? 08/29/2016
Egypt orders Muslim preachers to deliver identical weekly sermons 07/13/2016
What do recent attacks mean for future of Egypt's Christians? 07/10/2016
Egypt: Coptic Christian priest killed in 'hail of bullets' outside church 06/30/2016
‘House church’ prompts Muslims to attack Christian homes in Alexandria 06/28/2016
Religious restrictions among the world’s most populous countries 06/28/2016
Muslim Mob Torches 80 Christian Homes in Egypt as Punishment for Wanting to Build Church 06/21/2016
In Egyptian village, attack on Christian grandmother fuels anger 05/31/2016
Egyptian President pledges justice for Christian mother beaten and stripped by mob 05/30/2016
Egypt mob burns Christian homes over 'cross-religion affair' rumour 05/26/2016
Tight security as Jewish pilgrimage starts in Tunisia 05/25/2016