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Evangelical chaplain’s suspension intensifies denomination’s gay marriage debate 01/11/2018
Pressed on False Claims About Muslims, U.S. Ambassador Goes Silent 01/11/2018
How California’s megachurches changed Christian culture 01/10/2018
Ex-Mormons launch FaithLeaks to root out abuse and corruption in churches 01/10/2018
‘Double persecution’: The untold plight of Christian women worldwide 01/10/2018
A pastor’s mobile ministry to Silicon Valley’s underbelly 01/10/2018
An American Muslim Preacher Faces His Own Mortality 01/10/2018
‘Walking a line’: The shrewd tactics of the White House’s evangelical gatekeeper 01/08/2018
Is Trump widening a rift between the evangelicals and Mideast Christians? 01/08/2018
Mormon church’s gay policy means the next prophet’s challenge may be retaining millennials, who view politics and issues differently than older members 01/07/2018
Low-Income Communities Are Struggling to Support Churches 01/07/2018
The Museum of the Bible Is a Safe Space for Christian Nationalists 01/06/2018
Muslims Will Replace Jews As America’s Second-Largest Religious Group By 2040 01/04/2018
Mormons expect more of the same with a new church leader 01/04/2018
Jared Kushner isn’t an ‘internet Unitarian,’ but he is ordained 01/04/2018
Mormons after Monson: What comes next? 01/04/2018
Is Premarital Sex Wicked? Changing Attitudes About Morality 01/03/2018
Ten Commandments monument attracts Texas shoppers, not protesters 01/03/2018
Hurricane-damaged houses of worship can receive FEMA aid 01/03/2018
As you travel, pause and take a look at airport chapels 01/03/2018
The NRA’s Assault on Christian Faith and Practice 01/03/2018
The black church isn't one-dimensional: How communities subvert Christianity to work towards black liberation 01/03/2018
Millennials Can Leave Evangelicalism. But Not Its Pop Culture. 01/02/2018
Evangelicals’ surprising view of science and what it may mean 01/02/2018
Largest group of Mennonite churches leaves denomination 01/02/2018
Meditation is common across many religious groups in the U.S. 01/02/2018
Will 2018 be the year of Catholic health car dominance? 01/02/2018
There Are People Who Seriously Practice the Jedi Religion 01/02/2018
In Brooklyn, a Hare Krishna Reckoning 12/27/2017
Washington’s huge new Bible museum talks a lot about Jews. So why are some Jews so skeptical? 12/27/2017
Why The Last Jedi Is More 'Spiritual' Than 'Religious' 12/27/2017
Pope to Card. Maradiaga: I'm sorry for the evil they have done against you 12/26/2017
Christian universities feeling the pinch as Churches of Christ shrink 12/26/2017
New college for conservative Christians planned in Boston 12/25/2017
Nashville pastor hopes God intervenes before Haitian congregants lose immigration status 12/25/2017
The religious voting bloc that went overlooked in Alabama’s special election 12/21/2017
35 thousand euros a month for the Cardinal: the new scandal that shakes the Vatican 12/21/2017
Advocates warn of possible underreporting in FBI hate crime data 12/18/2017
Mosque’s men only prayer canceled amid exclusion complaints 09/01/2017
2nd New Mexico Christian sect leader accused of child abuse 09/01/2017