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Aina Gamzatova: The Muslim woman challenging Putin 01/31/2018
Longtime evangelist Luis Palau announces cancer diagnosis 01/19/2018
Aum trials seen near completion as top court upholds life term for Katuya Takahashi 01/19/2018
A word too far? Some evangelicals may have reached the breaking point with Trump. 01/19/2018
Study finds low levels of religious practice among initial teacher education applicants 01/19/2018
‘If they come for you, they come for me’: A ‘dreamer’ priest faces deportation — and a divided congregation 01/19/2018
Anti-abortion Democrats navigate divide between March for Life and the Women’s March 01/19/2018
HHS is targeting health workers’ religious objections. Here’s why. 01/19/2018
Pope angers Chile after backing bishop accused of covering up sexual abuse 01/19/2018
Pope to indigenous: Amazon is ‘heart of the church’ 01/19/2018
'They ensure each twin baby dies': the secret killings in central Nigeria 01/19/2018
Author of books on presidents’ faith says Trump misunderstands evangelicals 01/19/2018
How a Brisbane Artist Became a Priest for a UFO Pleasure Cult 01/18/2018
Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost 01/18/2018
Muslim American sue FBI for being put on a terror watch list for no reason 01/18/2018
Petition to change Mormon bishops’ interviews of kids tops 11,000 signatures; activists call for practice to end ‘immediately, today’ 01/18/2018
In Israel, a rabbinical plan to hide Africans facing deportation 01/18/2018
Crystals, potions and tarot cards: the mystical rise of new age businesses 01/18/2018
Where are mainline Protestants on abortion? 01/18/2018
Two reports show fewer incidents of Muslim extremism in 2017 01/18/2018
The Influential Network for a New Generation of American Muslim Leaders 01/17/2018
Evangelical chaplain’s suspension intensifies denomination’s gay marriage debate 01/11/2018
'Beyond comprehension': Myanmar admits killing Rohingya 01/11/2018
Pope to meet with victims of Chile’s dictatorship on trip 01/11/2018
Chinese authorities demolish Christian church 01/11/2018
A Presbyterian pastor languishes in a Turkish prison 01/11/2018
Chinese priest missing after ‘brief chat’ with authorities 01/11/2018
Pressed on False Claims About Muslims, U.S. Ambassador Goes Silent 01/11/2018
How California’s megachurches changed Christian culture 01/10/2018
An American Muslim Preacher Faces His Own Mortality 01/10/2018
‘Double persecution’: The untold plight of Christian women worldwide 01/10/2018
Ex-Mormons launch FaithLeaks to root out abuse and corruption in churches 01/10/2018
The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus 01/10/2018
A pastor’s mobile ministry to Silicon Valley’s underbelly 01/10/2018
‘Walking a line’: The shrewd tactics of the White House’s evangelical gatekeeper 01/08/2018
Hostility to Vatican II runs deep with Pope Francis' critics 01/08/2018
Is Trump widening a rift between the evangelicals and Mideast Christians? 01/08/2018
Pope Francis Calls For Ban On Nuclear Weapons 01/08/2018
Pope Francis to Declassify Files on Uruguay Dictatorship 01/08/2018
Low-Income Communities Are Struggling to Support Churches 01/07/2018